A special chestnuts.

Ishidatami, which is a part of Uchiko-cho at Ehime prefecture, is famous as an origin land of Japanese chestnuts.

This year, 7 farmers started to try a new cultivation method. quite natural and way, of course pesticide free. Spending so much time and effort, they earned their original chestnuts “Kijo-kanjuku Ishidatami kuri”. Already sold out but please try next year. It might be surprised you as its sweetness and size!

I joined the Ishidatami project about 3 years and made the story book of this special chestnuts this time.

design:Yui Takada(ALL RIGHT GRAPHICS)
Photos:Sayuki Inoue
Produce: Mai Hojo (ALL RIGHT GRAPHICS)
Naming, and concept:Yumiko Komiya