All hand dyed, All handwoven.

New stalls from atelier shimura located in Kyoto, JAPAN.
Their products are quite limited as all materials came from nature. I joined the launch of this brand, and this time interviewed and wrote the story about each stalls.
Below their self introduction on their website.

"Atelier Shimura would like you to incorporate art and nature into your daily life.We value nature, and learning from nature, in our attitude towards creating every craft that we produce.We continue not only to inherit Japanese traditions and culture including kimono, but also to reflect on what beauty really is. We wish for the color world of Atelier Shimura to remain ever cradled in your heart, holding there the deepest elements of your life experience."

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atelier shimura

client:atelier shimura
photo:Nobuto Osakabe HP
writing:Yumiko Komiya